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###Technical help for the preparation of digital artwork for banner stands and pop and display stands###

**Help for exhibition stand design, banner stands and exhibition graphics.

Artwork Technical File Requirements

To create suitable digital artwork, please follow the guidelines below: You only need to supply us with a ready to run EPS or PDF file and a test print to the specification laid out below, any questions or advice please do call 01256 768178

  • For banner stands – artwork at half size @ 300dpi
  • For pop up systems – artwork at quarter size @ 450 / 600dpi
  • For large Pvc banner – artwork at quarter size @ 450 / 600dpi
  • For standard digital print work – artwork at half size @ 300dpi

All image files supplied to us must be CMYK. Our rip station adds bleed, crops marks and cut marks you do not need to. You may be asked to amend your file and resend if you add bleed and crops, this may also impact on final supply times.

If working in quark you must supply all printer and screen fonts with your document. If you are working in Illustrator, CS suite, In-design or any other art working package you must ‘convert all text to curves’ or ‘create outlines’ before you save to EPS or export to PDF. We do not advise you supply any file that will output below 150dpi at full size as you will have a pixilated image when your file is printed at full size.

It is your responsibility to check the resolution of your images used and files sent to us for output, if you need advice please do ask.All files supplied for print work must have a desktop run-out produced by you and sent to us, this is used by our finishing department to check our output against yours.

Particularly when clients FTP files as data corruption can occur, such as elements dropping out, we can not pick up on this with out a test print being sent to us. You may wish to order a test print at £10 including post and should only take 24hrs.

We do not accept JPG’S or low res PDF’S as proofs.We accept files on disc by post or via FTP – please use and send files on to the following e-mail address, System dimensions for banner stands :

  • Uno banner 2200 x 800mm
  • Baraccuda 2145mm x 800mm add 200mm for tongue
  • Excaliber 2145 x 800mm add 200mm for tongue
  • Pod 2100x800mm, add 100mm for tongue
  • Apollo 2130mm x 800mm, add 100mm for tongue
  • Typhoon banner stand 800mm x 2110mm add 100mm for tongue
  • Titanium 800mm x 2130mm add 200mm for tongue
  • Platinum 800mm x 2130mm add 200mm for tongue
  • Sidewinder 800mm x 2100mm. add 100mm for tongue
  • Storm banner stand 620mm x 1800mm
  • Blizzard banner 800x2000mm
  • Zero roller 2010mm x 850mm add 200mm for tongue

System dimensions for our popup display systems are at the following page: