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Rotating display stand

Rotating display stands, turn tables, for the display of graphics, statues, cakes, art objects, products, even a pop up display column.... at your trade show, shop, showroom or exhibition event. This is made possible by the use of the correct turntable unit. Our turn tables come in a range of sizes and power to weight ratio's, all units will rotate clockwise unless other wise stated. These units come with set revolution speeds. We can even supply power to your displayed item via special slip rings, ideal if you are looking to make a revolving light box or a rotating illuminated display.

All display drives are fitted with safety clutches. Please ensure all loads are centrally placed for a balanced load. Many of the units below are for the fitting of secondary display decks to carry the object being displayed. With the fitting of very large decks to suitable units we suggest the use of dolly wheels near the outer edge, these should not touch the ground but be set approx 10mm off of it, these are not friction drive turntables.

Stocks of popular standard turntables are held, supply of custom adjusted turntable units will take approx 7 days to 2 weeks. Call to confirm if required the next day. Custom speed settings are possible with our speed regulator, call for info, 01256 768178.

Please feel free to call for advice regarding your proposed application. For other information on rotating display units click here For other information rotating display stands and motor drive units click here Here you can see our systems being demonstrated on our You Tube channel, click here

Featured Products
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CU030 Lightweight display drive
T1TT Battery Turntable
CUH030 hanging display drive 2.5 rpm
CBO40 Battery powered display turntable
TT60 display turntable
Turntable display unit CSWD100
Display turntable TTCSW1000
TT5030KSR Display Turntable
Turntable base unit with power rings CSWD100
Hanging turn table CSWDHGnop
Hanging turntable CSWDHG100 with slip rings
TTCSWSR 100Kilos
TTCSW2000 motorised display turntable
TTCSW2000 turn table with slip rings
TTCSW3000 Turntable
TTCSW3000 turn table with slip rings
Turntable TTC500 with slip rings
TTCSW100 400mm dia turn table graphic lightbox RLB400
Revolving graphic light box displays - RLB600
CEU5000 turntable 500kg
600 dia turntable TTCSW1000 - beech top - ally wrap
TTC200SR Turntable
TTCSW1000 beech top 450 dia rotating display table - ally skirt
CEU 7500 turntable 750kgs
CS01SR turntable with sliprings - 1000kgs
Turntable Hanging Unit CSWDHG200
Turntable Hanging Unit CSWDHG200P
Rotating display stand TTC250 with 1000mm high graphic
TTCSW1000 turn table with 450mm dia beech top and black fabric skirt
Rotating display stand
TT30 revolving display turntable
CS03 Turntable motor
Turntable speed control
Manual turntable 600mm dia black top
Manual turntable 900mm dia black top
Battery Turntable TT100 10 Kilos
TTCSW 1000 with 650mm or 800mm dia beech top and black fabric skirt
600mm dia turn table TTCSW1000 beech top - ally skirt
Carousel display turntable
Rotating 500mm sq light box on CSWD100 with slip rings