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Lighting Truss S35

System 35 Aluminium alloy lighting truss. Easily extend or build a custom made lighting truss for your exhibition or event area.

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System 35 is a precision gantry system, extruded 35mm tubes with machined ends. The triple tubes are 35mm diameter with a 1.6mm wall thickness. Fitted with a machined conical end and internal connector. Once in place any deflection is undetectable, the joints are secured with a tapered pin and a safety clip making self build fast and easy, no nuts and bolts, no spanners.

A Trio trussing system is suitable for applications at home, in exhibition halls and permanent installations too, everything from shopping centers, racing circuits, discos and film sets. Both elegant and functional, a smart aluminium quality truss range that will give you years of reliable service and high performance.

The gantry tubes are separated with 8mm diameter lattice of aluminium stringers. An unsupported horizontal span of 10 Meters can be achieved with a center load of 66 Kilos or with an even distribution 14 kilos per meter. Use these lighting truss components to add to your present truss structure or create your own design from scratch, call for any aid or advice you might require. Click Here for Brochure PDF

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System 35 Lighting Truss straight sections
System 35 Trio base / wall plate
S35 Trio Lighting Truss 90° 2 Way
S35 Trio Lighting truss 120° 2Way
S35 Trio Lighting truss 135° 2Way
S35 Trio lighting truss 90° Corner
S35 Trio lighting truss 90° Corner apex in
S35T31 Trio Lighting Gantry Apex Up Right
S35 Trio lighting truss 3 way junction apex up
S35 Trio lighting truss 3 way junction apex up left hand
S35 trio lighting truss 3 way apex down corner right hand
S35 trio lighting truss 3 Way apex down corner left hand
S35 3 way vertical T apex down
S35T36 Horizontal T Junction.
S35T37 3 way Trio Lighting Gantry Junction
S35T38 3way Trio Gantry Junction
S35T39 Apex up T Junction.
S35 Lighting Truss 4 way cross
S35T42 4way Trio Gantry Junction.
S35T43 4way Junction Apex Up
S35 Lighting Truss 4 way corner right hand
S35 Lighting Truss 4 way corner left hand
S35T47 Turned leg, 4 Way Junction
S35T51 5Way Lighting Gantry Junction.
S35T52 Apex up 5way Junction
S35T53 5 Way Trio Center Leg Junction.
S35T23 Special 3 Way Junction
S35T33_34 Special 3 way Junction
S35T22 Special 3 way junction.