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Arena 4 gantry

Arena 4 gantry is a light weight decorative truss system suited to exhibition, retail and trade show event needs. This system relies on using a nut and M8 bolt (wing nut) to lock each section together. We use a 25mm diameter tube in it's production with a natural grey aluminium finish. We do not advise an unsupported span of more than 6m being used in load bearing applications. The dims of this quad truss is approx 200mm x 200mm.

A range of standard designs are laid out below to which you can add additional items to change the design to suit your personal display and build area dimensions. Create a design a custom structure of your own in Arena gantry. A supported 2m span has been tested to 100kgs. We carry stock of this range in our main warehouse and supply is within the week.[ for other gantry and trussing options click here] (

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